About Me

Hi!  And welcome!  I’m happy you’re here.  I live in Colorado, hoping that if I live here long enough I can be a native.  It’s the best place I’ve ever lived.

I have adored fantasy, sci-fi and romance stories since I was young.  My father took me to the opening of every Star Wars, finding the patience to wait in line for who knows how many hours.  As a result, I can remember running home to see my favorite anime cartoons – completely engrossed in what was going to happen next.  I see the results of that now – I love a story with a mix of action and romance.  Star Blazers lives on (talk about Sci-fi opera with active romance ongoing)!

In between writing, I am an avid costumer.  Steampunk is one of my favorite types of costume – the rest depends on my mood and what shiny new idea has caught my eye.  I can tell you there is some G Force in my costuming future! But this was my favorite costume from the past year, inspired by me wanting something with neckties and tentacles. tenthat

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